Frequently Asked Questions -

Students will begin their exploration with mostly abstract notions and will end up focused and activated, with real insights on what industries interest them, what  specific jobs are like, and what education is required to do them successfully. Not all students receive career mentorship at home, and JA Inspire Virtual will help students begin focusing on their future career options. For businesses, this is a chance to build your workforce and start showcasing the careers that will be needed for your business in the future!

Thanks to support from our generous sponsors, there is NO COST for your school to attend JA Inspire Virtual!

November 18th or 19th–your school will decide which day works best for you.  Beginning on November 20th, your school will also have access to all materials for 3 months.

Students will get to visit with companies from across Kentucky to learn about career clusters and high demand jobs.  They will also be able to view webinars on important topics, such as essential skills, buying your first car, and getting your first job.

Part of the JA Inspire Virtual experience is preparing the students in advance.  By registering for the event, you agree that:

1.  Students will complete all pre-event work (approximately 60 minutes) and post-event work (approximately 30 minutes).

2. You will distribute a parent communication about the JA Inspire Virtual event; a sample will be provided for you (virtual is preferred).

3. Students will participate in the JA Inspire Virtual event for a minimum of 2 hours on your assigned day.  Students and educators will also complete any surveys and/or pre- post- test materials as instructed.

Each school will have a unique login for the virtual event, however it will not contain any personal information.  If students choose, they may enter an email address to download materials provided by the business partners; that information is not stored in the system.